Embedded World and Switzerland

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So a full month of work has passed, but it doesn’t feel like it. This was another really busy week, with not a lot of down time between work, errands, and travel. Can’t complain though, I got to see some incredible sights this weekend. This post was once again written mostly on Sunday night as we were on a bus back from Zurich, so it’s not incredibly long, but it’s filled with pictures!


Over the weekend me and Eduardo went to Zurich. We took a FlixBus at 5am on Saturday from Reutlingen to Zurich, and spend one night in an AirBnB in Zurich. The first day we were there, we spent most of it walking around with no specific goals in mind.

A very big and blue welcome to Zurich in the train station

View from a park on top of a hill

Apparently there is a very prestigious technical university in Zurich (where Einstein went), so we walked up some hills to get to it. There’s actually two universities next to one another in Zurich, and there was a free museum in one of them, which we checked out briefly as well.

Not entirely sure what this is

What are you looking at???

We also walked just about as high as we could up the side of the mountain beside Zurich (it wasn’t really a mountain, but it took probably around an hour to get to the top). Sadly it was foggy that afternoon, so we didn’t get a great view, but it was still very impressive to stand at the top.

Super foggy

There was a number of interesting sights to see around the city as well, and I’ll put a bunch of random pictures below.

Watches on display at Swatches

Random buildings

Artistic side of a building

Tesla dealership!

More Tesla signage

The AirBnB we stayed at was above this Swiss pub

One of the train stations in Zurich

On Sunday the weather was much better. The fog was still there in the morning, but thanks to the bright sunshine it faded away as the day went on. Our plan was to go to a nearby mountain ski resort that also had toboggan routes. We ended up just hiking around in the mountains since we got some bad information and ended up on the opposite side of the mountain to the toboggan rental place. The views during the hike were incredible:

Some buildings in front of more mountains

Plenty of cross country skiing trails

There's a lake between the mountain I'm on and the ones in the background!

I assume these are mostly rental homes for avid skiing families / groups

Coming down the ski lift

At the tip of the lake between the mountains

Switzerland is an awesome country, with beautiful mountains and great public transportation. The only downside is that everything is very expensive (and I mean literally everything). The currency they use is francs, and one euro is roughly equal to 1.15 francs. For an example of how much everything costs, a donair from a street store in Zurich would be around 8 francs, while in Reutlingen it would be around 4 euros. If you don’t plan ahead it’s very easy to spend a lot of money in Switzerland.

Another tip if you’re planning on hiking in Switzerland (or anywhere with lots of snow), bring sunglasses. I forgot mine, and the snow was reflecting all of the light from the sun (due to its high albedo, thanks high school science class for that term).

Embedded World

On Wednesday, we attended a conference / trade show all about embedded systems, aptly titled “Embedded World”. One of our German friends wanted to rent a car and drive there from Reutlingen, so we went with him and split the cost of the rental car between the four of us.

Hard to miss our exit with this signage

Officially have been in a car on the autobahn now

When we arrived in Nuremburg at the conference center, we realized that our tickets unfortunately didn’t cover our admission into keynote presentations and specialized presentations. We still were able to walk around the exhibition floor, as well as attend a panel with more general discussion.

Very interesting "embedded vision" panel dicussion with some notable participants

Lots of embedded systems in cars all of types

Another fun car

What most of the exhibition area looked like

Cold (er than normal)

Apparently this past week was much colder than usual for this time year in Germany. It was down around -15 for most of the week, and the wind made it feel colder some days.

Parts of a fountain by our house were frozen

But this fountain in Zurich was frozen in a much more impressive way


I didn’t get any runs in this week. There were multiple reasons: weather, stomach problems, and not having enough time all contributed. Going to get back on the horse this coming week when the weather gets warmer again. I did walk 26,077 steps on Saturday according to my watch, so that’s something!

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