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So I missed my usual Sunday posting time, for a number of reasons. The work week was fairly mundane, and I didn’t have much time (or energy) on Saturday or Sunday to write about my life. Saturday was a really fun day however, and Sunday was mostly filled with chores and cleaning.


Saturday was an awesome day, starting with waking up late and having lunch at a fellow Bosch employee’s apartment. After eating and drinking for a while, we met up with some other friends (mostly from Bosch) and went to the Frühlingsfest close to the main Bosch factory in Reutlingen. It’s similar to the exhibition at Old Home Week in Charlottetown, but smaller. Honestly, the rides in the Charlottetown exhibition are a lot more enticing, and we only went on one ride: The Flipper. It reminded me a lot of the Tilt-a-Whirl, but with an extra dimension of movement. It also went a lot faster, and the g-force was a lot stronger at the peak of the spins.

The Flipper :O

I kept an eye out for interesting food, but there wasn’t really anything special that I could find. I also forgot to take pictures while were there, but there was one video taken of us on the ride:

After our adventure on The Flipper, we were driven to the nearby town of Tübingen. It’s more of a university town than Reutlingen is, with a younger population (I think), and it has more things to do. We walked around, and checked out the castle at the top of the town. It was smaller than the one we saw in Prague, but it still blows my mind how old Europe is when compared to North America, there’s so much history no matter where you look. We even walked by a building that had a construction date of 1574 on it!

I only took one photo while we were there, of a building that is apparently the town hall or something similar.

Impressive building for municipal purposes


Sunday was a day to get caught up on the boring parts of life. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, and researching what I’m going to do after the work term were all on the agenda. I also had time to go on my first long run in about a month, and it felt awesome. I got to see parts of Reutlingen that I hadn’t before, and it was warm enough (finally) to wear shorts and a t-shirt. I’ll put some pictures of the run in the section below.


Monday - Nothing.

Tuesday - Easy run.

Wednesday - Easy run.

Thursday - Nothing.

Friday - Easy run.

Saturday - Nothing.

Sunday - Long run. I was aiming for 70 minutes at least, and felt great at the end of 80. Also took some photos along the way since it was an awesome day:

Sun is shining

Logs for days

Bird looked cooler in person

More wildlife

The plan of being more consistent with shorter runs isn’t working well so far, but I’m planning on continuing to try.

We have a long weekend coming up in Germany, and we get the coming Friday and Monday off! We’re going to visit Italy and stay there for 4 nights, to take full advantage of the time off. Stay tuned for photos and more from that trip! It won’t be posted on Sunday, but some time later in the week.