Into a Rhythm

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This week was a lot of work, and not much else. I didn’t travel anywhere on the weekend, but instead elected to stay home and relax. It was an awesome way to recharge after what felt like three or four weeks of non-stop action. There’s not too much to write about, and sadly no exciting photos. This was the first week where I really felt settled in, and not overwhelmed by new information or experiences.


In my opinion, routines & habits can be the best and worst things in your life. For me personally, running is something that gets easier and more enjoyable the more consistently I do it, so I’m trying to continue running every day like I did during cross country season. There’s obviously challenges that come with that, primarily finding time to run during the work week, but also finding the motivation to run in the snow, finding people to run with, or planning meals that don’t interfere with runs. Despite all of that, I still think it’s a good habit to get in to. Some other routines in life aren’t as beneficial, and it’s harder to spot those. For me personally again, I think that I had gotten too comfortable with all of my routines in PEI. Moving to Germany (combined with the fact it’s the first time I’ve lived away from my family home for any extended period of time) was a hard and scary decision to make, but I’m so glad I did. Changing routines that I’d lived with for my whole life wasn’t easy, but it feels like a fresh start, almost like I get to choose which routines I want to continue, and which I want to leave behind.

Free Beer Tasting

On Friday night there was a free beer tasting event at the nearby BIERladen. The beer that was being showcased was from Cast Brauerei in Stuttgart, and we tried most of their beers while talking to the owner. He’s from a small town of about 600 people in Wisconsin, which meant his English was quite good. His beers were great, our unanimous favorite was their Scotch Ale, which had a very unique flavor and pleasant aftertaste. He also told us about a craft beer festival in Stuttgart near the end of April, which we’re probably going to check out.

SYSK Podcast

With all the traveling we’ve been doing, on top of the daily commute to Bosch, I’ve gotten back into the habit of listening to podcasts. One of my favorites has to be the Stuff you Should Know podcast, from How Stuff Works. The two hosts cover a wide variety of topics, so you’re sure to find one that interests you, and I find it quite easy to zone out and listen.

Relevant XKCD

For the programmers out there, this is how most of my week felt:

The project at Bosch Sensortec that we’re helping with requires us to download and build the code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which takes a lot of time. The download alone is close to 70GB, and then the compiling, linking, and building of the actual code takes roughly three hours after that. Add in the fact that I needed to re-do it after messing up the first time, and you get a long and annoying process.


Monday - Easy run. Getting familiar enough with Reutlingen that I ran a loop instead of an out and back.

Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - Another easy run. Nothing special to see here.

Thursday - When I set out the door, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I ended up coming up with a 1k, 2k, then 3k workout. It felt great, and I don’t think I’ve lost as much fitness as I thought since cross country season.

Friday - Rest day. See above section.

Saturday - Another easy run.

Sunday - Another easy run.

Totaled around 60km for the week, which isn’t terrible. If I can maintain and gradually increase this mileage for a few months, I think it’ll put me in a better place to ramp up for next cross country season.

Shorter than normal blog post this week, as nothing really noteworthy happened. Stay tuned for future weeks, where there will likely be more excitement!