Munich for a Day

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Not a lot of excitement happened this week, but the two big highlights would have to be a trip to Munich and the running. On Saturday morning me, Eduardo and another friend from work took a FlixBus to Munich, and came back on a FlixBus that same evening. As far as the running goes, I took two days off this week instead of the planned one day, but I still got up to 70km.


The only other time I’ve been in Munich was right after our flight from Iceland landed there. It was completely dark then, and we didn’t get a chance to see any of the city. This time, I got to spend a whole day there, and in beautiful sunshine.

BMW Building

We went to a BMW showfloor / tourist attraction, where they had a bunch of models of cars and motorcycles for sale, but I think most of the people there were people like us, who wanted to admire some of the cars. I think that’s mainly what the building was designed for, to attract people to come look at their products, not necessarily to sell them.

Rolls Royce just chilling on the show floor

Fun little mini cooper

Incredible looking concept car

The £138,000 BMW i8

I have no idea what I'm doing

Olympic Stadium

Another highlight of the day was seeing the site of the 1972 Munich Olympics. I think I mentioned it in one of my first posts, and how Frank Shorter won the marathon at those Olympics. There was also a massacre of Israeli athletes at these same Olympics. It was surreal to see the location of these events, and to imagine what the atmosphere must have been like during the tragedy.

Looking over it all

The other side of the stadium

Insane amount of lights

Old ticket sales location

Promotional material


On our way towards the Olympic stadium, we walked through the park beside it. It’s a very nice place, with lots of rolling hills, a river through the middle, and a pond for pedal boats to navigate around.

View from the park of the tower near the stadium

Water for the pedal boats, with the stadium in the backgroun

Ready Player One

I took Wednesday evening off from running to go see Ready Player One. I realized recently that I had read the book a number of years ago, and I really enjoyed it. The movie was a lot of fun to watch, but I don’t think it fully captured the essence of the book. I remember being enthralled with the way the book portrayed video games and the Oasis (the virtual world which everyone basically lives in), and the movie doesn’t do it justice. It’s still good, just not as good as the book (which I think is almost always the case for any movie).


This was another pretty good week of running. Had to take two days off (one more than I planned originally), but other than that it was great.

Monday - Easy run.

Tuesday - Fartlek workout to the neighboring town of Tübingen. I’ve wanted to run between Reutlingen and Tübingen for a few weeks, and I was able to meet up with some friends that were there to have a burger before taking the train back to Reutlingen.

Wednesday - Rest day, went to see Ready Player One.

Thursday - Another easy run.

Friday - Hour long easy run.

Saturday - Rest day in Munich.

Sunday - Really warm long run around the same route I went last week. Wasn’t hydrated enough, and the last few kilometers were a struggle. Can’t complain though, I’d take heat over cold any day.

Temperature for the long run

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