New Wheels

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Not a lot of exciting things happened this week (cool things are happening at work, but nothing concrete to write about just yet), but the weekend was one of the most relaxed ones I’ve had in a long time. I got to finish Dan Brown’s Inferno, which was a more entertaining read than I was expecting. I also bought a bicycle at a used bicycle market on Saturday, which I’m hoping will make the town more explorable, especially as the weather continues to improve.

New Wheels

On Saturday there was a market for used bicycles at a local community center. I found out about it through someone who I met at the town hall on one of my first days in Germany, who very kindly mentioned he had seen this market advertised in the local newspaper. The culture & attitude surrounding bicycles in Germany (and maybe most of Europe?) is awesome. Most roads in Reutlingen have dedicated lanes for bicycles, and if the road doesn’t have a lane then it is clearly marked on the sidewalk where you can ride.

The only (slightly blurry) photo I took at the market

I wasn’t sure how much the used bikes would be selling for, but I found one for €30 that I was happy with. It came with a lock, working (but noisy) brakes, working gears, and lights (that might be broken, or I might not have figured out how to use them yet).

Not a bad use of €30

The ride home from the market was a lot of fun, as I hadn’t rode a bike in a long time. I forgot how deceptively tiring biking can be, but it’s so much fun to cruise around random trails and roads. Like I mentioned before, I’m hoping this will make exploring Reutlingen a lot easier. It will certainly make getting groceries more fun.


Monday - First easy run after an unplanned week off.

Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - Another easy run, broken up into two parts.

Thursday - Rest.

Friday - Another easy run.

Saturday - Little speed workout, 10 x 200m repeats, with a walk / jog rest around the rest of the 333m track to recover. It felt good, and I went straight through the 10 with no bigger rest after 5.

Sunday - No run, BUT I did go for a bit of a ride on my new bike (which isn’t very well suited to the trails, but whatever, it worked and was fun). There’s some photos attached to the Strava activity of where I went, and I’ll put them below as well.

Near the start of the trails

Turned around near this industrial area

Greenery on the sides of the trail

Not another great week for running, I think I’m going to try and be more consistent with my runs, but go for shorter lengths (i.e run every day for 30 - 40 mins as opposed to 3 50 minute runs during the week). I’m hoping this might help with the mental grind of running before / after work, although the warmer weather is definitely helping already.