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I haven’t put out anything on this blog in a while, mostly because I haven’t done much traveling lately. That means that I’ve had a few decent weeks of running in a row, and I’ve also been working on my final report for the co-op work term. There’s only 12 more work days left in the work term, and I’ve also been planning what I want to do after the work term. My flight back to Canada is on August 31, and I’m going to travel around Europe with an Interrail pass before that!

Interrail Trip

I bought a 22 day continuous global Interrail pass, and I plan to visit as many different cities in Europe that I can during those 22 days. For anyone that’s interested in seeing the entire route that I’ll be taking, I’ve planned out my trip online. The beauty of an Interrail is that this plan isn’t set in stone (although I have reserved hostels for those dates, but those can be cancelled up until a day or two before the reservation date). If I want to change my plans halfway through, I absolutely can since none of the trains are pre-booked (except for the one from Barcelona to Paris, since it’s a high speed rail line that requires a reservation).

Sensortec Barbecue

Bosch Sensortec had an employee summer barbecue a couple of Fridays ago where there was some free beer, meat, and salads. It was a pretty chill time, with a large turnout and a band playing music for everyone.

The view from the fourth floor of BST


I’ve been pretty consistent with my running since the last post, and I’ve been hovering around 80km a week for the past 3 weeks. I won’t give an update for every day here, but all of the runs are up on Strava if you’re interested.

I also ran in another 10k race, hoping that I could better my time from the Soundtrack 10k, but it ended up being another mediocre grind of a race.

Photo from the 10k race around downtown Reutlingen (I'm in the red Morocco hat)

Passing by the church

And the race went right by our apartment

I’m hoping to post a lot more updates once my Interrail trip begins in August. Since I’ll be spending a decent amount of time on trains I’ll have time to write and assemble these posts, and hopefully I won’t be too tired to do so!

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