Walking a Marathon (almost)

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This week I (mostly) stayed in Reutlingen, and had a lot of fun. The one time I left was to walk from Reutlingen to Stuttgart with Eduardo, which ended up being about 10 hours of walking, and was 2km short of a full marathon! On Saturday me and some friends went to an amazing waterpark that I somehow didn’t even know existed, even though I run around the same park that its in almost every run I go on.

Long Walk

On Monday, me and Eduardo walked from Reutlingen to Stuttgart, which ended up being a 40km walk. We left the apartment at 9 am, and caught the 8:15 pm train back to Reutlingen. We didn’t have any reason for doing it other than for the experience, and it ended up being a great time. We got to see a lot of different towns and trails that we would never have gotten to otherwise, and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Summary of the days travels

I took some photos along the way, and I’ll put them below in the order that I took them.

Soon after we left Reutlingen

A river we crossed along the way

Google maps took us through several trails like these

Making our way through

A better maintained trail / road was nice to find

Me and some big trees

Google maps also led us through a lumber yard

This was after we found a restaurant in the woods where we refilled our water

Some random dude

Our route took us under the flight path of planes coming in to Stuttgart

A nice looking area in the outskirts of Stuttgart

Hard to see, but the last stop for the tram line within Stuttgart

Wildlife is crazy in Stuttgart

The company that owns Mercedes and other car companies

Eduardo surveying Stuttgart

At this point of the trip going down stairs hurt almost as much as going up

Ten minutes away from the train station now

Exhausted and happy to be sitting down

Once we got to Stuttgart, we only stayed there for about 20 minutes, and in that time we bought our train tickets, bought a radler, and got on our train. I think we were both too tired to want to do much more than that anyways. It started to rain a little during the train ride back (we were quite lucky it hadn’t started earlier), but stopped when we got back to Reutlingen.


It was quite a warm weekend, with temperatures getting up to 25 celcius on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we went to Wellenfreibad Markwasen and swam in their multiple pools. They had a lane pool, a wave pool, and a kids pool as well. There was also diving platforms (which I didn’t try), two slides, and plenty of grassy areas to lay down and relax. It was also very affordable to get in, with the student price of admission being only 2.90 euros. It was the first time I’ve ever been in a wave pool, and it was a lot of fun. I didn’t take any photos, but Google images has plenty, like the one below.

The water park in Reutlingen


This was a weird week for running. My legs and feet were trashed after walking 40km on Monday, so I took a few days off. I felt a bit stiff for the runs later in the week as well, but I got a quality long run in on Sunday. I also started trying to incorporate more core work into my weekly routine as well, we’ll see how that pays off.

Monday - Longgg walk.

Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - My watch died 15 minutes into the run, but did 8k easy.

Friday - Biked for a while since my stomach wasn’t feeling great.

Saturday - Rest.

Sunday - 90 minute long run in the heat.

Thanks for reading!